I don’t know where I should start My weight reduction experience. From Doctor or Dad or Mirror, I am happy that I got reduced nearly 7 kgs in just 30 days. I would like to thank Kify Doctor Mr Karturi Subramanyam for telling me to do the Alternate Food Diet. He has given me an idea, hardly I call it as an outline. After reaching home, I prepared my own diet plan and named it ‘Intermittent Diet’. In which One must eat on Odd Numbered Days and do Fasting on Even Numbered Days. “Fast on Even dates, Eat on Odd dates”On Jul 14th I started fasting and continued on 16th, 18th likewise. Let’s check What I eat on Fasting Day.Morning: Green Tea Lunch: – Snacks:- Dinner: Whole Wheat Upma with any chutney or SambarDuring the day I drink 2 litres of Water and 2 litres of Buttermilk (with lemon)On Jul 15th, 17th, 19th (Odd days). I had normal food slightly different from my regular routine eating.What I eat on Normal Days, Morning: Gari or Vada 2 Lunch: Organic Brown Rice with any curry Snacks: Orange or Pine Apple Dinner: Pulka 2 or Whole Wheat UpmaDuring the day I drink 2 litres of Water and 2 litres of Buttermilk (with lemon).Workouts I do on Fasting Days: I walk for 30 mins in the Morning I do the treadmill for 10 mins and followed by 10 mins of cycling in my gym.Workouts I do on Normal Days: I walk for 30 mins in the Morning I do the treadmill for 10 mins I do the cross-trainer for 10 mins I do any two parts workouts e.g. Chest & Shoulder on One day I walk for 15 mins in the Night after having dinner Cheatings between this diet: >Weekly once I had Chicken or Mutton Biryani >Weekly once I had Fish curry with Brown Rice >Monthly once I had White Rice with My favourite Chicken Curry Avakai mix and Curd RiceWhat I avoided during this diet? -Soft Drinks -Fast Foods -Snacks -Night Rice -Curd RiceThough I have a Migraine yet I managed to continue, it’s all because of result that I can notice firstly in my mirror and secondly on my weighing machine.Cheat once in a while but don’t make it a habit, it results in nothing!Start reducing… Compete with your smartphones!Thank you guys for the patienceNote: * Currently, I am on the 35th day. I’ll continue this diet until I reach 70 kgs. *Even days 2nd, 4th, 6th & So on(dates in a month) and Odd days 1st, 3rd, 5th… (Dates in a month). On 31 days month, you will have full rights to eat. Take it for granted! *Gym is not mandatory, Run or Jog or Walk at least 30 mins in a day. * On the cheating day, Try to Walk for extra 20 to 30 mins. * Whatever diet you choose to adopt from the net or other sources, discipline matters/ Self-control

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