Currently, My mother is undergoing Adjuvant Therapy (Trastuzumab/Targeted). She has completed four Chemotherapy courses( Jul – Sep 2021). Tested Positive for Covid, Malaria & Dengue on Nov 15th and about to take her 7th cycle on Nov 24th. When it came to symptoms, She had a fever which led us to take the Covid Test. Our Kify Doctor prescribed Favihope 400, Lumerax 80 (3 day course), Malidens 500, Supra Plus and Zeet DX cough syrup for 10 days. We all feared about the Covid in Cancer Patient, though it was Mild. Shockingly, recovered in 4 days!

On 2nd day she had fever, Cold & Cough. Very next day she had Cold & Cough. From the 4th day, she had nothing. Right from Day 1 she maintained SpO2 98 and Normal Sugar Levels. Upon taking her to hospital again on the 13th day Blood tests/RTPCR/ECG/X-ray reports suggested, She is completely normal. Our Cancer doctor to resume her treatment from Dec 15th. 11 more Cycles left.

My aim is to share this information with Cancer Patients, especially those who are HERCEPTIN-Positive. My mother’s health history Diabetic Since 2011 and diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Stage 2A) on Jun 15th 2021. Her father died with Cancer in the year 2008. From her experiences, before Chemotherapy and its side-effects, Covid is nothing. One of my friend’s cousin died with Covid during her Chemotherapy course. As luck would have it, Mom completed her Chemotherapy in September. Please take outmost care for Cancer patients during this Pandemic while they undergo Chemotherapy course.

Note: Please don’t use those medicines without Doctor’s word.

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